Not The Best Ride I’ve Had

Today, I went out on an exploratory ride to find an off road route for Sam and I to keep away from the busy roads where I live.
We’d planned to do a few miles at the weekend, and having not rode out together from my house, I thought I’d do a little exploration beforehand.

The ride started off great, heading off on to green land, that I’ve been meaning to explore for quite some time. It was a combination of dusty, dirt tracks, and muddy trails, where the sun had not been able to dry the ground out.

All was going well until about 4miles into my ride. Riding up Route 55 towards the canal when I came to one of those annoying bridle way barriers. Having seen another rider ahead of me ride over this without any problems, I did the same!

Bad Move!

As my front wheel landed on the ground after the barrier, there was a horrible clunk, as something made contact with the barrier!

Immediately I knew something bad had happened, and got off the bike to investigate. It was my large chainring that had taken the brunt of the collision. There were about 4 teeth that had take a knock, see below…

I got back on the bike and carried on for a short distance. Only being able to use the middle chainring to get anywhere sensibly, I thought it best to call it a day and head back home.

Then nearing home I had my first puncture in years! Not a happy boy!


All in all, I covered about 11 miles today, even with all the incidents! All I need now is a new chainring!

Delamere Mudbath

Today, I went for a ride around Delamere Forest with my friend Sam.
To say it was muddy would be an understatement. I lost count of how many times I came off the bike when my front wheel buried itself in the mud!
Which way do we go? Easy or difficult?

That’s right, we didn’t take the easy route!
This was the end result of the ride:



Today’s route took us 2hr 20min to cover 14.6 miles…

New Year, New Bike

Today was the first ride out on my new bike. This is the first time I’ve had suspension on my bike, and it felt great.

It was a pretty muddy christening for the new bike :-)

Today’s mileage was 16 miles in 1hr 42min


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